Explore Halcyon Watch Collections: Find Your Perfect Match

Select your favorite Halcyon watch, with two series available for your choice:


Origin Series: This series emphasizes artistry and magnificence. We have carefully selected porcelain artists of diverse styles to create unique masterpieces. If you seek artistic pleasure or wish to stand out on special occasions, the Origin series will surely meet your expectations. Pricing is based on the artist's creation time, the complexity of the work, and the craftsmanship, independent of the aesthetic value of the piece. If you are fond of multiple designs but find it hard to decide, we recommend opting for the most cost-effective "Seawater Cliff."


Journey Series: The upcoming Journey series is more suited for daily wear, featuring a 39mm dial that is perfect for everyday use, designed to be simple yet stylish, making it the perfect companion for daily life. If you prefer a watch for daily wear, please leave your email address, and we will notify you as soon as the Journey series launches in June.