Care Instructions For Halcyon

Avoid contact with chemicals:

Origin's silver case are susceptible to pollution and corrosion, so avoid contact with chemicals such as cosmetics, perfumes, cleaning agents, etc., to avoid damage to the surface.
Regular cleaning:

Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the silver case of Origin regularly to keep it shiny. You can use a specialized silver cleaner or warm water and soap, but avoid using rough cleaning tools or rubbing the surface too hard to avoid scratches or damage.
Do not attempt to open the watch case:

To prevent damage to the internal porcelain dial and enamel micro-painting, do not attempt to open the watch case on your own.
Regular maintenance:

You can regularly take your Origin to a professional repair shop for maintenance and repair. During maintenance, the repair shop can polish and polish the surface of the Halcyon silver watch and check the movement inside the watch.
In summary, regular cleaning, avoiding contact with chemicals, and regular maintenance are all important methods for maintaining Halcyon Origin, which can help your Halcyon silver watch remain beautiful and durable.