Comments & Reviews

Got it from Kickstarter. It's definitely worth the one year wait.

By Ciel, Singapore

I did receive the watch for a while.Generally I am satisfied with the watch. The dial is really neat painted. And I like the way that the hands are off center to really show the paint.

By Pati,Thailand


I have been wearing it for several weeks and am very satisfied. Aside from some minor issues with the winding mechanism, everything else is great. I am looking forward to the opportunity to purchase a full enamel watch from your company.

By Mr Chen, Tianwan

The dial is awesome!

By Martin, China

Received mine and very impressed.

By Daniel, United State

Hello, I've received the watch and am very satisfied with its quality. It's understated yet classical. I wish your company continued success and hope more people will discover your wonderful products.

By Qing,Singapore









its even better than i thought,this kind of aura is irresistible.

By Harold lin, Germany