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What is Good Companionship?

It should bring you joy and enrich you. It should accompany you in serene moments and illuminate your brightest times.

Introducing Halcyon Journey, featuring a lustrous pure porcelain dial crafted through 12 meticulous processes of pinewood firing, exuding elegance, serenity, and distinction.

At first glance, its refined quality and glossy sheen captivate you. Yet, its true charm unfolds as time deepens your appreciation and connection, bringing tranquility, calm, and the strength to move forward.

From the meticulous hand-polishing to the precise tuning of the movement, every detail crafted with care and precision.

Global launch on June 10th with an exclusive 35% offer available for the first 24 hours:

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Impress new friends with your style and taste, and let old friends savor the treasures of your warmth and gentleness.